Raha Mattress

If you are travelling and you wake up with a sinking in the bed feeling, back ache or a stiff neck chances are your hotel is using a Raha Mattress.

My husband recommended we switch over to this mattress about 4 years ago and it must have been one of those decisions of our lives that we can never forgive ourselves for.

In the very first week of its arrival  the mattress started giving us discomfort and sleepless nights.

Giving a feedback to the company was another head banging story. We wrote to them got in touch with them and followed up for weeks but they would not even so much as come and have a look.

Then the day arrived when they graced us with their presence (even the local sales manager had so much airs about him that an after sales visit was like a degrading part of the job for him).

The technician (as they call them) who came along had one look at the mattress and pronounced it faulty.

They took it and returned after a couple of days with a mattress that looked new on the outside.

Four years down the line we are again facing serious back and spine problems from a mattress that claims to  be ” scientifically constructed using finally tempered hign carbon steel spring to give the right support to your body at all points of contact.”

We have a Celeste Mattress

Height – 8 inches (20 cm)

Warrenty : 8 years (the spelling errors are from the original Raha site, just tells you how efficient they are)


This time too it took the sales manager more than 4 months to visit our home. The Mattress is sagged he agrees so he will repair it at a cost (about Rs. 4000.00) and that should do it.

I am amazed at the audacity of this company which calls itself world class (http://www.rahaoman.com/) but cheats its customers by providing third class low quality products and people.

PS: The dealer does NOT stamp the warranty card so if you do not have the original sales bill / invoice you will have a hard time getting anything if you even manage to get hold of these guys.


Raha Invoice 003




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