Not worth a shot

Four more shots please and one in the arm for trying to sit through one episode of this Sex & the City rip off. I need to drown myself in the same amount of booze as these women to make it through the season of this one.

We are still enamored by everything phoren and one bad “Veere di Wedding” did not stop us. We had to go after the series too.

Right down to getting a lawyer in the series. And we have to have a mother who has not had sex. Hell, I guess the women who were having babies a year apart were just storing the sperms for future use.

Everything about the series is tacky. The right women, the right clothes but yet nothing clicks or even rouses your empathy for the characters.

Maybe people who have not seen Sex and the City will enjoy this as a fresh booze, sex and cuss word drama but do we really have to depend heavily on these elements to show how progressive women are?

Recycled songs, copied shows, so why do we still do shows that showcase talent?

Where does the talent go after it has been discovered?

Maybe we will mature as an audience, maybe we are a matured audience already but the people who dish out such garbage really think that low throwing in new desi masala to borrowed noodles will satiate the audience.


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