Mooning over

We all have heard of the man who wants to get you the moon. I would settle for one who could get me the moon earrings or the Chandbaali earrings.

Chand means the moon in Hindi and baala or baali means ring or earring so in essence Chandbaali means the Moon Earrings.

These earrings which have been around since the Mughal era are now making a sensational come-back and every woman wants to own and flaunt a pair.

It is believed that Noor Jahan (the only Mughal Empress to have coinage struck in her name) was the one who christened the Chandbaalis. Her love for these earrings was so strong that she was believed to have owned several exquisite pairs and wore them to her dying day.

The second most popular royals were the wives of the Nizams of Hyderabad who adorned their Chandbaalis with pearls and uncut diamonds.

Today Chandbaalis come in a host of metals, stones, pearls in various shapes, sizes,  and prices and can be paired with multiple ensembles instantly upping the glam quotient.

Though they have been a trend in Hyderabad for quite some time now, they have been popularized by the tinsel town and almost every actress has been spotted wearing one.

Well what are you still mooning over, get yourself a pair!

The Magic of the Sun

These pictures were randomly taken from my balcony (on the 8th floor).

In a crowded place like India it is a privilege to be able to live in an apartment which has a balcony facing a vast open space.

My home overlooks one of the main train stations and sometimes the visions are magical.


These were taken from a small lane. The Sun seems like a huge balloon, one that I would love to chase across all magical lands.


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Ramoji Film City

The Ramoji Film City in India is located in Hyderabad. At 2000 acres, it is the largest integrated film city in the world.

One of the largest and glamorous film studios in the world, Ramoji Film City has also place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Spread across an area of almost 2500 acres, it is one of the major film making facility of the country offering everything related to pre and post film production. The architecture of the studio and the wide range of settings makes it one of the favourite spot for many film makers.

With a capacity to accommodate close to 50 film units at the same time, Ramoji Film City offers umpteen numbers of film sets such as London Street, Hollywood sign, Japanese gardens, airport, hospital, etc. , landscapes and buildings as well as laboratories.

It is also a popular tourism and recreation centre, containing both natural and artificial attractions including an amusement park.

The self sufficient film city with its facilities and setting is enough to make a complete movie. The place makes for an amazing sightseeing places catering to each and everyone. For those looking for accommodation, the film city has two hotels as well namely Tara and Sitara. One can visit Ramoji film city from 9.00 am – 5.00 pm. On an average, the film city sees almost 10,000 visitors on usual days. There are various bus services operating from the main city to the Ramoji Film City. Once at the film city, you can take vintage buses providing visitors a ride of the area.

Interactive Entertainment: Ramoji Movie Magic brings the interactive entertainment of the films to tourists who be left in awe; as it stands out as a participative Odyssey into the realms of the reel where filmmaking is experienced live by the tourists actually participating in it.

Action: This enlivening attraction offers to turn anyone into an enthusiastic filmmaker on a 25 minute stint. Experience the audio-visual illusions of the reel world by being part of special effects, dubbing and editing through chroma screens.

Filmi Duniya, sends you through a virtual tour across the time zones and timeless cities on the globe. Descend upon the cities that featured in world famous movies in matter of eight minutes.

Ramoji Tower: Simulating the harmless but stunning experience of earthquakes, children playfully shout out of excitement when they feel the tremors and several other acoustic effects at Ramoji Tower.

Eureka: From the cultural imports of ancient India to the medieval forts, rich tales come to life through attractions and shows. Modelled on the lines of royal medieval forts, the colossal edifice of Eureka lavishly welcomes the guests into a host of experiences from welcome dance-and-song ceremonies to memorable merchandising in theme bazaars, a battery of thematic restaurants to children’s play courts and most exhilarating amusement rides. Eureka assumes the form of a time-machine that the visitors step into and stroll past the magnificence of Mughals, majesty of Mauryas, ruggedness of the American Wild West and the pomp of medieval Meena Bazaar.

Pictures are by me

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Hat Trick

Hello everyone

The sun is playing havoc with my skin so invested in a new hat (I love hats)

But tell me does it look good?

Is it too kiddish or is it stylish
Should I be seen around in this or rather tie a scarf around my head.

Your comments are welcome





South in India

Is that just a direction, a way to go or perhaps a way of saying things (things went south for him) and by being that does it become ominous?

So may interpretations to a word. To some it may seem nothing but a point on the roadway to others yet it may  mean the world. If you are a student the word probably has only geographical meaning.

But what if you ponder about the political aspects of the word and the nuances of how it is used in speech.

By the Global South reference it means the less developed region so by diplomatically  injecting the word are you being slightly racist?

According to the Greek mythology the south wind blew in the summer and autumn storms does that still indicate the various economic instabilities of the southern part of the globe.

In India all states below Maharashtra are ‘South’. So though there are multiple states with different culture, cuisines and languages everyone is clubbed into being a ‘South-Indian’ or ‘Southie’.

The tropical climate gives most of the southerners a swarthy complexion which has somehow made them less appealing to their Northern countrymen.

They are often the butt of ‘Southie’ jokes and attempts are often made to insult their intelligence. There is also a widespread fear that the ‘South Indians’ are after everyone’s jobs.

This form of racism within the country is as prevalent as any type of racism in any other part of the world.

The South Indian states are most literate (80%) and have higher national growth as compared to other parts of India.

They are also very proud about their heritage. A fact not many other parts of India can boast about.

Coming from various dynasties makes these people a proud lot and a colorful one too.

So maybe going south is not such a bad idea.



An Organised Home

A professional approach to everyday life (how to apply office work culture at home and make life easy)

Some of us are the best organized professionals in our offices at work but what stops us being the same in our personal lives. We strive our best to keep a clutter free desk and computer why then do we have a cluttered home.

Running a home is as much fun or as challenging as office work and the same principles and ethics can be applied at home too.

I have known some of my bosses to keep detailed files and folders both online as well as offline but when it is time to file the tax they just cannot find their documents.

What stops us from organizing our personal lives? It is a habit that can be cultivated and it only serves to make things easier for us.

I have learnt some of these amazing ways of an organised and neat home from my aunt who could tell you where the needle is (which drawer in which cabinet in which room) if you woke her in the middle of the night (no matter how groggy she was).

Here’s a list of a few things that we should follow in our personal life to make life clutter free, stress free and time and wealth well managed.

  1. Keep a big box file with dividers for all your monthly groceries, electricity bills and other monthly recurring expenses. If you have a pc or a smart phone download the expense app or simply work in an excel sheet to create a budget. This helps in affixing regular spends and also helps in controlling unnecessary expenditure.
  1. Make a separate header for miscellaneous spends or for buying gifts, specify the people you want to buy gifts for, the occasions and fix a budget which you can spend for them. Then out of your monthly spends keep aside a sum for these occasions. This will keep you on track and you will not have to spend more in a month and fall short on other necessary spends.
  1. Make a separate file for impulsive shopping bills. This will give you an insight on how and where you are splurging and once in a year check the items you have bought impulsively. If you haven’t used them within a year you never had any use for them.
  1. File individual cell phone bills, bank account statements, credit card statements (along with the payment slips to keep track of paid bills). This will ensure you have all bills in case of any dispute. They will also serve as your address proofs when required and the you do not have to run to the bank for statements when you have to apply for a loan or while filing tax or any such requirements.
  1. File away all the electronics / appliances bills and their warranty cards. This will be easier to find when service for any appliance is required. Put the manuals in a separate box.
  1. Keep a desktop or a large wall calendar where you can mark important things and events to plan in advance for any contingencies (like reminding yourself to book a gas cylinder when expecting guests etc.)
  1. Make a payment schedule for all the bills to be paid, for this first make an excel sheet with all the Bills and their cycles and space out the payment schedule over a period of two to three weeks. This will not only bring regularity but also control outgo of funds and serve as a reminder to pay all bills.
  1. Make a photocopied set of all the required address or id proofs such as the pan card, aadhar card, passport, telephone bill (do this for every member of your family) This will save you the trouble of doing last minute searching for Xerox centers. Also you do not have to then hand over these important originals to unknown persons if they come home to open a bank account etc (which can be quite a risk in this day and age)
  1. Scan or photograph all important personal documents and email it yourself or keep in cloud storage.
  1. Keep all important certificates and registrations in clear folder files.
  1. Keep all bank related stuff in a designated drawer / space.
  1. Assign proper storage for various items in the house for the ease of finding them when required. Like drawers for stationery, sewing material, hobby material etc.
  1. In the kitchen device a system such that the older groceries get utilized first.
  1. Keep a medicine cabinet (preferably inaccessible to children) and keep checking it regularly for medicine that has expired and throw away the expired medicines.
  1. Make a schedule for servicing your appliances and mark it in your calendar. This will give your appliances a long life and may prevent any unwanted accidents.
  1. Keep extra keys in handy places and marked. Like if you have children you need to ensure that they do not accidently lock themselves in the bedroom so keep the bedroom keys out of the bedroom but in a handy place and mark the keys correctly so that even if you are not at home you can instruct the person correctly as to which key to use and where it is kept.
  1. File away your family’s prescriptions doctor’s appointments either in a big box fie with separators or in individual files.
  1. If you are a home maker make a time table for the maid to divide the tasks that need to be done not so regularly so that when she has more time from the regular tasks she can finish these in the same time without being too stressed for time. This way you can get more work done on a regular basis without stressing either of you and without the maid feeling she is putting in more work hours.
  1. For your own tasks make a schedule. If you have spring cleaning to be done do not do everything in one day. Plan to do it over a week or a month. Do one room at a time. This will not tire you out totally.
  1. A lot of women have several purses, keep a purse/ handbag with all the things required when you go to the bank so that when you have to go to the bank pick that handbag and go, this way you do not change the purse and forget that one important cheque book. Also make multiple sets of your home keys and put one in each purse / handbag so that you are never locked out of your home. Also keep a minimum amount in cash required to get back home from the farthest point you would go so that you are never left stranded.
  1. Also learn to divide your purse in an essentials and non-essentials area. Keep the wallet, phone, keys and cheque books etc. in a designated area and keep your other frivolous knick knacks and makeup in a separate area (makeup preferably in a small pouch to avoid stains from spillage).
  1. All women in gold ornaments some we inherit and others are bought for their flaunt and invest value. Invest in a small weighing machine (you get the portable once for as low as one thousand rupees). Weigh all your ornaments individually. Better still photograph all the ornaments individually, using a simple software or while photographing them put the weight and any other comments on a paper and photograph along with the ornament. You will never get cheated by any goldsmith over the weight ever.
  1. Taking it further catalogue (in an excel sheet) what you store at home and what you keep in the locker. This way there is no ambiguity ever and no confusion as to where your precious item are.
  1. Now you will question me on how safe it is to store all this important data on your computer. First learn to organize your system too. Do not pile everything onto the desktop. Make separate folders for personal pictures, entertainment which will share with everyone and very very private stuff. Keep important information in not so obviously marked folders, learn to devise an identification system for folders which only you need to access and then there is the hide button.
  1. Last but not the least instruct your children on following these protocols so that they grow up organized and learn the value of an organized space early on in life.

These simple everyday things have helped me a lot and saved lot of time and energy. Please tell me if you found it useful too. Also feel free to leave comments on areas I might have missed.

Basel World 2016

If you are a watch-lover you most probably know about Basel World and if you are a novice and have a passion for watches and jewelry you should make it your business to know what is the most important marketplace.

It is a haven for people looking for new trends in the watch and jewelry industry.

A one of its kind show that year after year has served as a platform for various watch and jewelry brands to showcase their upcoming releases.

I was lucky to visit the show this year.

Though I was just a casual visitor what I saw left me yearning for more. Here are a few clicks (a few because I was mostly busy admiring the venue and the display and the vast array of brands)