Sally Hansen Hand Cream

Rough hands are a sad sight. They are also very uncomfortable and even in some cases painful. If not cared for properly the skin can get chaffed and infected.

It is also quite a task to keep your hands well moisturized. Indian women have so many chores around the house that aggravate this condition and creams to soften the hands is the last thing on their minds.

It was quite a pleasant surprise to receive SALLY HANSEN 18 HOUR PROTECTIVE HAND CREMEin my Fab Bag.

It’s faint tangy orangy scent was the first thing I noticed about the product.

The ingredients Shea Butter, Vitamins A, E, C and Grape Seed Oil formula promise to deliver fast relief, maximum moisture and incredibly soft skin for up to 18 hours and that is exactly what this cream does. It keeps your skin moisturised for a nice long period.

I have used the product and found it extremely hydrating and moisturizing especially in winters.I love the way the cream gets immediately absorbed and not being too greasy it is a useful product even in most tropical areas.

Totally recommend this one for both day and night use.






Nectar for Dry Skin

I realized all my worst nightmares of aging skin, wrinkles and lose of radiance were soon taking the shape of reality.

I tried various regenerative creams and some expensive facials. The effects were fleeting. My skin started becoming flaky even in summer and the dryness would just not go away.

I was careful trying out new products because my skin would react with immediate fury by becoming red and breaking out.

I had been wanting to try out Clarins for quite some time now but was not very sure how my dear skin would behave.

But on my way back from Paris I just thought I would take the leap of faith.

At Abu Dhabi Duty Free I checked the various products and finally found a combi pack of a serum and cream.

I had researched a bit about the product online and was clear about what I wanted.

So I reached out and picked the products I wanted.

  1. HydraQuenchIntensive Serum Bi-Phase (The intensive hydration product for very dehydrated skin)

  2. HydraQuench Cream – Normal to Dry Skin

Clarins HydraQuench Bi-Phase Serum is a comforting formula that restores the balance.This re-formulated serum has a lighter texture and offers longer lasting hydration When your skin is feeling dry, parched and tight, this SOS treatment rescues and repairs.

The cream is a super skin quenching  that leaves skin feeling light, fresh and soft. The ultra-moisturizing blend infuses skin with long-lasting hydration so that skin looks smoother, supple and more radiant. The HydraQuench cream is effective irregardless of temperature and climate variations, and protects against environmental aggressors and pollution.Use the serum after your bath (for better results use it at night as well). A few drops will suffice. Gently dab it on your face and let your skin soak it in. Follow it by applying the cream.

Simply apply this versatile and easily absorbed cream every morning after cleansing, waiting for a few minutes before applying make-up. The moisturizing cream can also be used before bed to soften and quench skin overnight.

Not to mention the freebies I got (they work very well too ) Mmmm the luxury of french cosmetics………..

I saw the results in just a few applications, would you tell me if this works for you too?