I am a big big fan of lip balms, they keep your lips smooth and soft and help a lot if you are applying matte lipsticks.

If you get your favorite flavour while keeping your lips hydrated then it’s a double bonus.

You will love the tangy taste of this lip balm, for me it is an absolute must in my purse.

Besides doing what it does best it also leaves a wonderful taste.


Soultree Colour Kohl

At last the package arrived and I was ecstatic to find my supply of colored kohl / kajal neatly packed.

Imagine coloring your eyes:

Moss Velvet, Grey Glow, Nectarine Glow, 24 Carat (Gold)

Mood Indigo, True Blue, Fern Green, Copper Tint, Purple Haze

Robusta Brown, Pure Black, Rich loam (brown)

We Indians love kohled eyes and they are soon becoming and international craze. So why stick to plain black?

Especially when you have home brands like Soul Tree which  use natural ingredients like almond oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, honey, wax, carnauba wax, candelilla, butter ghee, natural vitamin E and mineral pigments.

The brand is well priced and widely available. The BDIH certification makes totally dependable.

The only drawback I see here is it is not smudge proof otherwise it is in my opinion a really great, safe product.


Sally Hansen Air Brush Shimmer

Stockings are not for everyone. But there are these days when you are not at your best and yet there is that rocking party you absolutely have to go to, or the hot date you have been looking forward to, or show off to Miss Snob who is forever flaunting her long legs.

You just have to put your best leg forward and all you need to do that in style is to get all shimmery and glamorous.

There is this one product which has never failed me.

Sally Hansen Air Brush Shimmer

No matter what I am wearing I can step out in style with a little spray on my legs. This easy to operate spray is water and sweat resistant, long-lasting and looks heavenly.

So next time you are invited to that A-list party spray on and kick some shimmer.


La Splash

With the make up going bold and bright the neons are fast becoming a craze.

And what better when you have the neon (see bold) color on your lip that is matte and stays long after Cinderella lost her sandal.

The LaSplash Lip Couture is a creamy lipstick which is very smooth and on drying gives a complete matte finish making it look really chic. What’s even better is it stays on for a long long time.

I would recommend you to exfoliate your lips and apply a primer or some lip balm a few minutes before applying the lipstick.

My favorite shade is ‘Forbidden‘ and just like its name, it is like the forbidden apple that Eve was too tempted to resist.(BTW they have a shade called ‘Till Midnight’ how apt)

Wear it for a happening party and you are sure to make the gals go green with envy and the guys are sure to notice those lips.

What’s a girl without a little bold, vibrant and show-stopping drama. Go on get bold.

LaSplash Forbiddenlasplashlipcouturematteliquidlipstick_1_gl


Sea Soul CC Cream

This came in my Fab Bag subscription. Not sure on how to use it best I just started using it over my regular sunscreen Bello Photostable Sunscreen Gel . 

Just a small pearl of this cream and it works its way beautifully into the skin.

It stays an entire day and gives you the no makeup look.

Just cover it with regular compact powder and you are good to go. I use it every time I step out (even in the most harshest sunny days).

It gives you a matt effect so for those with dry skin I would really recommend a moisturizer or as in my case I use the  Bello Photostable Sunscreen Gel .  during the day and a moisturizer for evenings prior to application of Sea Soul HD Finish CC Cream with SPF 20 – Light.

It is a complete coverage and correcter cream and helps to correct discoloration by acne, scars, sun damage & uneven skin tones.

Comes in two shades Medium and Light choose according to your skin type.

It is very light and you will like its sheer texture.

Totally recommended.

Sea Soul CC Cream