Sea Soul CC Cream

This came in my Fab Bag subscription. Not sure on how to use it best I just started using it over my regular sunscreen Bello Photostable Sunscreen Gel . 

Just a small pearl of this cream and it works its way beautifully into the skin.

It stays an entire day and gives you the no makeup look.

Just cover it with regular compact powder and you are good to go. I use it every time I step out (even in the most harshest sunny days).

It gives you a matt effect so for those with dry skin I would really recommend a moisturizer or as in my case I use the  Bello Photostable Sunscreen Gel .  during the day and a moisturizer for evenings prior to application of Sea Soul HD Finish CC Cream with SPF 20 – Light.

It is a complete coverage and correcter cream and helps to correct discoloration by acne, scars, sun damage & uneven skin tones.

Comes in two shades Medium and Light choose according to your skin type.

It is very light and you will like its sheer texture.

Totally recommended.

Sea Soul CC Cream





Sea Soul Face Mask

As mentioned earlier dry and sensitive skin needs more than average care.

Also one must be extra careful that there is no averse reaction to a product.

Which is why I am a Big Fan of Brands that make small one time use product pouches.

They are the ones that we keep going back to because they have given us the chance to try and trust the product.

And in case where the product is unsuitable the loss is minimal so is the damage.

I was as usual a bit wary of trying out face masks (most of them are known to cleanse but also dehydrate the skin).

When I did try the Sea Soul Dead Sea Moroccan Argan Hydrating Mask I was amazed at the result.

The mask leaves your skin, soft supple and totally hydrated.

As promised it

  1. Smoothens, Lightens and Brightens your skin
  2. Hydrates and Nourishes the skin
  3. Reduces and Cleanses pores
  4. Infuses essential minerals into the skin

I would recommend this for dry skin.

Also the effects stay for a long time and you will not need this more than twice a month.

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