Valmont Prime Regenera I

It was by chance that I discovered this product.

I was expecting my baby and my skin had started drying up and becoming flaky. I used to have red breakouts and  my husband got me a travel sample thinking it would help my skin.

The product is expensive but works well for what its worth.

By applying a small pearl in the morning you ensure that the skin is nourished for almost 12 hours.

It works like magic and has restorative properties that start showing effect almost immediately. It’s Cellular Prime Complex  restores the elasticity of your skin and leaves your skin looking healthy and radiant.

Initially I thought it was a bit rich and creamy and was afraid it would make my face look oily but if you have very dry skin it gets absorbed into the skin quickly and does not make you feel like you are wearing a heavy cream.

Use it first before applying a sunscreen. Can be used both during day time and night-time as well.

There have been other variants of this product but I am still loyal to this version.


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