The Various Roles of a Woman

Women have been believed to have wells of strength and reserve but in difficult times there have been so many instances of women who have drawn in so deep from these wells and filled in the pots of those in need that it is applaudable.

We have one such woman, mother of two (one being only a couple of months old) a wife,  a daughter in law who lives with her in-laws and yet manages to not only take care of the home, making sure everyone is fed on time, the kids are taken care of and yet assists her husband in packing the orders they have been flooded with.

Bhavi (3)

Some of us were not even aware of the business the family is in. But the support this family has extended to the 250 odd residents in the times of lockdown and quarantine has been humongous.

Initially they offered whatever they stocked regularly but as the demands started increasing Jay has been sourcing more and more items as per the requirement of the residents.

Bhavi (1)

The couple has hardly said no to anyone.

In times like these where the much-hyped Amazon had not delivered a single essential or crucial item, Big Basket has not kept any slot for our deliveries we have largely come to depend upon Bhavisha and Jay.

In fact, I doubt I would (and a few more residents would) now want to venture outside or order from online sites post the lockdown.

Why? Because we have been spoiled for choices and excellent delivery mechanism with this dynamic duo.

Bhavi (2)

And the love they are getting is return, well here are a few testimonials, I doubt any website could gather this much appreciation in such a short time.

Here are a few testimonials she’s received in 2 weeks:

U guys are doing your best and exceeding our expectations

Thanks a lot. You are really great service to all the families in Ambrosia

Absolutely much appreciated Bhavisha and Jay

Appreciate your help to us at this time Bhavisha &Jay

Yes I totally agree. Bhavesha has been an absolute lifesaver during these times 🙂

Completely agree…lifesaver n how…so many times I keep adding one or two items to the list at the last moment! But she s always helpful

Thanks Bhavisha… this has been super helpful 🙏

Absolutely. Thanks Bhavisha really appreciate what you are doing for all of us

Bhavisha and Jay 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 we have you like saviours

Thank you everyone for all the love.We are blessed to have you all as neighbours! No complaints with delays or missing items! We are glad that we could be of help!♥️

Hats off Bhavisha

With two small kids and with a lovely smile u have always been very accommodating

God bless you dear

Thanks a ton Bhavisha!! Appreciate the help!

Agree: absolutely great work! Thank you Bhavisha and Jay

As always bhavesha you are doing a great job!!😘

Thanks a lot Bhavisha and Jay for helping us procure our daily needs of groceries and other allied items…You both have stretched your backs a lot to fulfil our requirements and ensured that we are not required to step out of our main gate to run for groceries…thanks once again…💐

Thanks Bhavisha and Jay. Really appreciate what you are doing for us.

Bhavisha with so much to take care at home you are just amazing!! Take care of yourself too in these times.

Bhavisha and Jai I don’t know how to thank u for everything that u both have done to fulfill all my demands with so much patience and sweetness Thanks both of u god bless

U made our life easy

In this pendamic time Jay n Bhavisha is very helpful to us… God bless you both with all the happiness💑

Very true Lisa,Hats off Bhavisha n Jay bhai🙏🙏

Totally agree with everyone thank u Bhavisha God bless u 😊

Thank you so much 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Bhavisha n Jay Bhai for ur help

Bhavisha thanks so much🙏🏻

Thank you so much Bhavisha and Jai 🙂

So true….great help by Bhavisha n Jay….👍🏻

Very heartfelt thanks to both of you.. for making this difficult time a bit easy for all of us.. 🙂🙏🏻

Bhavisha n jay thanks a ton for all ur great help👍🏻👍🏻really appreciated thanks again guys🙏🏻👍🏻

Bhavisha & Jay appreciate your efforts, Thanks so much❤️🙏

Seconding and thirding what others have said above! Bhavisha has been exceptionally kind and supportive, from addressing my queries at odd hours to going the extra mile to get me something I wanted urgently, I could go on and on…and all this with the utmost patience and a smile on her face. Lots of love and a big, heartfelt thanks, Bhavisha! ❤️

True that, can’t imagine how life would have been for me without Bhavisha at this time! Heartfelt thank you ❤️❤️

Yes, we know. We’ll send you all the bills by tonight. Payment isn’t an issue at the moment. Supplying you the groceries is more important. Hence we insist on supplying first and payment later. One person doing the packing delivering and making bills. Please cooperate if you get the bills a little later at times🙏🙈😅

The rice and pulses bought from Bhavisha are much superior in quality than wherever I have been buying from.

Agreed.. even the wheat flour / Bajri flour or any such flours quality is such real stunner.. the flours shelf life says it all.. current Wheat Flour is giving some amazing fluffy and soft Rotis! ❤️

The spices that she gets are so super fresh and just so amazing to cook with

Yup not only has Bhavisha and her husband been an amazing support to procure food, even last min requests at times… But every item on the list is of best quality… From flours, to essentials…

Thank you so much guys… Highly appreciate ur efforts

Great efforts Bhavisha n Jay Seeing quality n service I will love to order after  lock down also

If not possible  every week once in a 15 days or so

I was just mentioning the same to my husband.. 🙂 that if Bhavisha and Jay would extend their service after lock down too, it will be very nice for monthly groceries..

We are humbled by the response that we have got here by all. We will surely find a way and continue to deliver post lockdown as well. 🙏🙂

we r lucky ambrosians to hv such a helping people like u in this kind of tough situation..god bless u..👍💐

Changing the way we work

There has always been a long debate on how the work culture should change worldwide.

The pandemic situation we currently are in has gone ahead and changed everything, right from the perspectives about work to job roles and titles to fluidity in role management.

This has not only resulted in the way work is happening it has also brought home a thought process and few dynamic solutions that fit the skewed work culture that is here to stay, possibly for a very long time.

One of the myths that the current working situation has busted is that work from home is not effective or fruitful enough. Along with it goes the thought that women who work from home are not serious about their careers or do not put in the required amount of efforts.

Right now as we know especially in India, working women who largely depended upon house helps and maids while they spends hours perfecting the pitch/ marketing/ sales presentations, prepare sales reports and attend to all office related calls without thinking twice because there is someone who had their back.

They are still doing all of the above while also preparing meals for the family and doing laundry and cleaning their homes and managing their time and work life balance with great panache.

Working from home

So yes, we are capable of multi-tasking and so are the men, basically everyone can rise to the occasion if the occasion presents itself.

After the lockdown opens and we can commute to work there will be social distancing that will prevent us from huddling over the presentations, it will require some of us to be remotely present for meetings and yet be empathetic enough about what is being discussed.

Then there are those who might be bereft of travelling solutions for an exceedingly long time.

In places like Mumbai where people were already travelling what might seem like counties the situation was already difficult and now may seem ominously grim especially the late night commute with even lesser people on the roads or public transport may lead to safety issues as well.

While I am sure the Human Resources in all companies is working towards policies that will finally map the tangible result oriented work that is put in and not just the number of hours logged in, this will also cull the so called “in-office” hours that have very little results to show for.

Going forward this should also open certain avenues of career that allow one to work from the safety of one’s location unless required to travel for a really relevant event.

LVMH Watch Week

After a decade of the formerly  S.I.H.H now re branded as Watches & Wonders  hosted in Geneva held ahead of the Baselworld LVMH hosts its own first ever watch fair in Dubai.

In the words of Jean-Christophe Babin,Bulgari Chief Executive “To unveil novelties before the watch world, before any other brand and any other group”


The official press conference of the LVMH Watch Week was held at The Bvlgari Hotels & Residences Dubai.

Dubai a choice not only because it contributes a good 10% of the sale for Hublot but is also a fun city.



New innovations  in watches will be revealed over the next three days across the four Brands Bulgari, Hublot, Tag Heuer & Zenith.


Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot Chief Executive
Jean-Christophe Babin Bulgari Chief Executive
Stéphane Bianchi Head of the LVMH Watch Division and TAG Heuer Chief Executive
Julien Tornare Zenith Chief Executive



Above are glimpses of some of the launches at the LVMH Watch Week

Bulgari Serpenti Seduttori Tourbillon

Hublot Big Band Integral

Zenith DEFY Midnight

TAG Heuer marking its 160 Anniversary will present one piece in Dubai but will largely showcase other launches at Baselworld



Shared Mobility in Logistics

A new wave of conscious consumers is sweeping the world, the resources that are scarce are now a fact that most of us cannot ignore.

Also, the current generation believes in sharing and thus showing that they care in a big way.

The same generation is also time conscious and believes in quick turn around time. Gone are the days when you bought something online and were willing to wait for it.

Today people are already talking about same day delivery if the seller is in the same city as theirs.

This puts immense pressure on Ecommerce Retailers because some of the players are still grappling with the challenges of selling online and trying to upgrade their systems for this huge shift in business. Their traditional mode of doing business is seeing a sea change. Some of these retailers have been selling in the age-old retailing manner and are yet to appreciate the new business or are too wary of including the change.  Others have been smart enough to introduce new talent and have incorporated new age thinking into the business. Either ways it is overwhelming to cater to the demands that most ecommerce platforms are now placing on the retailers.

Earlier the distribution model was a process and included various channels that can be bypassed today, so can the delivery time be reduced based on the new model?

Shared mobility is a term that is being associated with people sharing transport and Uber and Ola have revolutionized the way we travel.

So, what is the role of the same shared mobility in logistics.

Micro-hub & Shard Mobility: Like a common parking lot, a micro hub can be a small place where the packages for a zone arrive for last mile delivery. These micro-hubs cater to multiple logistics / transport companies. The concept itself is not very new in India where local state transport buses have been following a raw model of the same for years.

Retailers can take advantage of these solutions to reduce delivery time. Courier companies can reduce the cost and increase the number of deliveries per day without straining their network.

Shared infrastructure like this has its challenges and down sides as well. Some of them are administrative and responsibility related. There will be norms that need to be set and qualitative as well as quantitative analysis that will have to prove the utility of such hubs.

Currently in our own industry we have stakeholders that are not comfortable with the idea of sharing the same storage space or sharing the same vehicle with other players in their business. This puts a tremendous pressure for delivering as minimum as 2 to 4 packages in day. Consolidation, co-loading or sharing a hub could lead to efficient route planning and reduce the axle load, transit time for all parties involved at the same time cutting down on carbon emissions besides other costs.

But these hubs are not very far in the future for the industry that is striving hard to cut down on manpower, time, fuel, storage and build sustainable solutions that are beneficial to all the stakeholders.

With all the regulatory processes in place shared mobility is a win win solution one that will pose its share of challenges but will benefit everyone in the long run especially looking at how the realty rates are soaring, and the world is looking at shared mobility in a new light.


Art Deco at the Oval

I snoozed the alarm at least three times and the urge to lie in and laze on a Sunday morning when the entire household was sleeping was a temptation that was pulling me deep into the covers.

But then I remembered how I had missed this walk the week before and maybe the opportunity would never present itself again.

So I threw back those covers and pulled open the curtains to let the sun shine on my face.

I reached the decided starting point of the walk and when I reached the end of it and hour and half later I was so much more enriched in my knowledge about architecture and was visually fortified.

Sharing with you the pictures taken between me and Rachna Shetty  another enthusiast (and a better photographer and the only one with a camera)

If these picture astound you and make you wonder how did you miss such a great wealth of architectural prodigiousness, I suggest you get in touch with the organisation that made it possible for me to re-look at the structures that I would normally pass without being awed by their past and importance.



The beautiful Ivorine – french and classy


IMG_5084 - Copy

The windows that make you think of beautiful dressing tables


Oval View – a name so apt


Making the most of being a corner prime real estate – Shiv Shanti Bhuvan


Belvedere Court and a fountain frozen in concrete grill work


The most photographed building on the walk


Do not miss the vertical frozen fountain that also lights up the stairway naturally 


A crown – we were still shking off the Raj Era and were still mesmerised


Another colorful diagonal vertical panel that brought in natural light 


No this is not Goa – this is in Mumbai opposite the Oval Maidan, the very tropical Rajjab Mahal


A ship has just entered the harbor, this majestic Empress Court definitely courts attention


View of the courthouse captured aptly in the name but do not miss the recurring frozen fountain


The Era of elegant social evenings probably shut doors when Eros shut its doors but one cannot but stop and stare and wonder about its glorious past



Unique Tonique

So what makes Tonique unique?

Firstly, it’s the largest liquor store in India, sprawled over 15,000 sq. ft. and housing more than 500 brands of wines and spirits.


It is not just a store, it is an experience as quoted by Anith Reddy, its managing director.

In a state that loves it liquor, the store is like a dream come true for the spirit lovers. Open for little over a year now the store has had amazing footfalls. Mostly women was my observation, seconded by the staff.


The sharp sales people do not tag behind you but notice very well what you browse through and very subtly nudge you if you look stuck.

Knowing Anith Reddy who has a knack for doing things that others would not even dare to dream about I was not surprised by the effort and thoughtfulness that has gone into his pet project. But the man is a continuous dreamer and is forever striving to do things bigger and better than anyone else.




Next on cards is a huge wine tasting room with sommeliers from across the world sharing their knowledge.

 “Most women head to the first floor, the selfie spot,” says Anith, pointing to a huge faux bottle of Moet & Chandon inside an ice tub. Though I was totally tired from my journey and washed out from a day of running around I could not resist a click myself.


To those who would crinkle up their noses at the very mention of spirits, I recommend a dekko for you will find some soft drinks, sodas, munchies and a variety of chocolates too.

I spent a good amount of time browsing through because the whole ambience is that of a relaxed luxury shopping destination, I wonder who wouldn’t want to spend time there to lift their spirits.