The Various Roles of a Woman

Women have been believed to have wells of strength and reserve but in difficult times there have been so many instances of women who have drawn in so deep from these wells and filled in the pots of those in need that it is applaudable.

We have one such woman, mother of two (one being only a couple of months old) a wife,  a daughter in law who lives with her in-laws and yet manages to not only take care of the home, making sure everyone is fed on time, the kids are taken care of and yet assists her husband in packing the orders they have been flooded with.

Bhavi (3)

Some of us were not even aware of the business the family is in. But the support this family has extended to the 250 odd residents in the times of lockdown and quarantine has been humongous.

Initially they offered whatever they stocked regularly but as the demands started increasing Jay has been sourcing more and more items as per the requirement of the residents.

Bhavi (1)

The couple has hardly said no to anyone.

In times like these where the much-hyped Amazon had not delivered a single essential or crucial item, Big Basket has not kept any slot for our deliveries we have largely come to depend upon Bhavisha and Jay.

In fact, I doubt I would (and a few more residents would) now want to venture outside or order from online sites post the lockdown.

Why? Because we have been spoiled for choices and excellent delivery mechanism with this dynamic duo.

Bhavi (2)

And the love they are getting is return, well here are a few testimonials, I doubt any website could gather this much appreciation in such a short time.

Here are a few testimonials she’s received in 2 weeks:

U guys are doing your best and exceeding our expectations

Thanks a lot. You are really great service to all the families in Ambrosia

Absolutely much appreciated Bhavisha and Jay

Appreciate your help to us at this time Bhavisha &Jay

Yes I totally agree. Bhavesha has been an absolute lifesaver during these times 🙂

Completely agree…lifesaver n how…so many times I keep adding one or two items to the list at the last moment! But she s always helpful

Thanks Bhavisha… this has been super helpful 🙏

Absolutely. Thanks Bhavisha really appreciate what you are doing for all of us

Bhavisha and Jay 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 we have you like saviours

Thank you everyone for all the love.We are blessed to have you all as neighbours! No complaints with delays or missing items! We are glad that we could be of help!♥️

Hats off Bhavisha

With two small kids and with a lovely smile u have always been very accommodating

God bless you dear

Thanks a ton Bhavisha!! Appreciate the help!

Agree: absolutely great work! Thank you Bhavisha and Jay

As always bhavesha you are doing a great job!!😘

Thanks a lot Bhavisha and Jay for helping us procure our daily needs of groceries and other allied items…You both have stretched your backs a lot to fulfil our requirements and ensured that we are not required to step out of our main gate to run for groceries…thanks once again…💐

Thanks Bhavisha and Jay. Really appreciate what you are doing for us.

Bhavisha with so much to take care at home you are just amazing!! Take care of yourself too in these times.

Bhavisha and Jai I don’t know how to thank u for everything that u both have done to fulfill all my demands with so much patience and sweetness Thanks both of u god bless

U made our life easy

In this pendamic time Jay n Bhavisha is very helpful to us… God bless you both with all the happiness💑

Very true Lisa,Hats off Bhavisha n Jay bhai🙏🙏

Totally agree with everyone thank u Bhavisha God bless u 😊

Thank you so much 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Bhavisha n Jay Bhai for ur help

Bhavisha thanks so much🙏🏻

Thank you so much Bhavisha and Jai 🙂

So true….great help by Bhavisha n Jay….👍🏻

Very heartfelt thanks to both of you.. for making this difficult time a bit easy for all of us.. 🙂🙏🏻

Bhavisha n jay thanks a ton for all ur great help👍🏻👍🏻really appreciated thanks again guys🙏🏻👍🏻

Bhavisha & Jay appreciate your efforts, Thanks so much❤️🙏

Seconding and thirding what others have said above! Bhavisha has been exceptionally kind and supportive, from addressing my queries at odd hours to going the extra mile to get me something I wanted urgently, I could go on and on…and all this with the utmost patience and a smile on her face. Lots of love and a big, heartfelt thanks, Bhavisha! ❤️

True that, can’t imagine how life would have been for me without Bhavisha at this time! Heartfelt thank you ❤️❤️

Yes, we know. We’ll send you all the bills by tonight. Payment isn’t an issue at the moment. Supplying you the groceries is more important. Hence we insist on supplying first and payment later. One person doing the packing delivering and making bills. Please cooperate if you get the bills a little later at times🙏🙈😅

The rice and pulses bought from Bhavisha are much superior in quality than wherever I have been buying from.

Agreed.. even the wheat flour / Bajri flour or any such flours quality is such real stunner.. the flours shelf life says it all.. current Wheat Flour is giving some amazing fluffy and soft Rotis! ❤️

The spices that she gets are so super fresh and just so amazing to cook with

Yup not only has Bhavisha and her husband been an amazing support to procure food, even last min requests at times… But every item on the list is of best quality… From flours, to essentials…

Thank you so much guys… Highly appreciate ur efforts

Great efforts Bhavisha n Jay Seeing quality n service I will love to order after  lock down also

If not possible  every week once in a 15 days or so

I was just mentioning the same to my husband.. 🙂 that if Bhavisha and Jay would extend their service after lock down too, it will be very nice for monthly groceries..

We are humbled by the response that we have got here by all. We will surely find a way and continue to deliver post lockdown as well. 🙏🙂

we r lucky ambrosians to hv such a helping people like u in this kind of tough situation..god bless u..👍💐


What is office to you, is it the work desk, the presentations, the meetings, networking or is it something beyond that?

For most of us who have been working especially in the corporate environment it is something that we have not given much thought to. We go to work, make friends, rivals, we get bogged down, sometimes we just breeze through, join work, leave work, keep in touch, fall out of touch but we never think of that one thing that connects us (at least at work)

That one thing around which all conversations take place, the one inconspicuous machine that absorbs all the vibes, good & bad. That one corner where the coffee machine sits calmly churning cup after cup of hot coffee and observes a range of emotions.

It sees friends share camaraderie over a cup, rivals summing each other up, it sees the intern come there broodingly wondering what’s in store for him, the go-getter smirk, the come through executive pinning his hopes, the on-my-way out employee shake his head and advise, nothing is going to change here. It sees a lot and silently stands sentry to their thoughts, guards all the secrets and provides them comfort.

I was pretty excited to be back in office after a long break in my career. And I made sure I did not have my coffee at my desk (only the ones who want to show that they are busy all day – even during lunch do that). I found my partner, my reverse image, she was the calm to my wild, the ground to my flights (of fancy), the sense to my spirit, in short, she kept my feet firmly on the ground while letting me soar.

We would ping each other for the much-needed breaks for coffee, we spent time talking contemplating, guessing, planning and weaving dreams along with our delicate threads of friendship together.

I looked forward to this ritual. It was a pause in the world of chaos, a pause that allowed us to shed the cloaks of formality and let us be the people we were.

And then she left, she moved on and left me holding two cups of coffee for I was used to doing that.

I have moved on too, in life, at work. We all come to terms with people exiting that space in our life. But we did not end it there. We still meet for coffee albeit at a different place.

I still hang out at the coffee machine sometime with other colleagues, those stolen moments are special. They make my coming to work something to look forward to.

I miss my partner but work goes on, life goes on and coffee it still smells so good.

Unique Tonique

So what makes Tonique unique?

Firstly, it’s the largest liquor store in India, sprawled over 15,000 sq. ft. and housing more than 500 brands of wines and spirits.


It is not just a store, it is an experience as quoted by Anith Reddy, its managing director.

In a state that loves its liquor, the store is like a dream come true for the spirit lovers. Open for little over a year now the store has had amazing footfalls. Mostly women was my observation, seconded by the staff.


The sharp sales people do not tag behind you but notice very well what you browse through and very subtly nudge you if you look stuck.

Knowing Anith Reddy who has a knack for doing things that others would not even dare to dream about I was not surprised by the effort and thoughtfulness that has gone into his pet project. But the man is a continuous dreamer and is forever striving to do things bigger and better than anyone else.




Next on cards is a huge wine tasting room with sommeliers from across the world sharing their knowledge.

 “Most women head to the first floor, the selfie spot,” says Anith, pointing to a huge faux bottle of Moet & Chandon inside an ice tub. Though I was totally tired from my journey and washed out from a day of running around I could not resist a click myself.


To those who would crinkle up their noses at the very mention of spirits, I recommend a dekko for you will find some soft drinks, sodas, munchies and a variety of chocolates too.

I spent a good amount of time browsing through because the whole ambience is that of a relaxed luxury shopping destination, I wonder who wouldn’t want to spend time there to lift their spirits.



Ferrari Drive & Dinner

On Sunday, December 17, 2017 Mumbai woke up to the thundering revving of 24 Ferrari cars ready to paint the town red (mostly).

A leisure drive that set the heart of Mumbai racing was organised by Ferrari & Navnit Motors, Ferrari’s dealership in Mumbai and Hublot was one of the brand partners.
Hublot Watches is also associated with Ferrari Cars and has special Ferrari Inspired watches.


A cheering crowd flagged off the drive from Navnit Motors in Bandra-Kurla Complex, heading to Nariman point NCPA where there was a pit stop, via the Bandra-Worli Sea Link and concluded at the Festival Square in High Street Phoenix in Lower Parel, where an even more enthusiastic crowd was present to welcome the cars. The cars were displayed there for the remainder of the day.


These cars were brought from the customers places from different parts of India to Mumbai and the owners themselves droves their cars in the parade on Sunday.

The drive is one part of Ferrari’s celebrations of the 70th anniversary which was kicked off in March in September, in Maranello, Italy.


Lot of hearts revved for the Ferraris and people across all generations enjoyed taking selfies and pictures with the beauties.

Later that evening a private dinner was held for the owners and select invitees, where Gautam Singhania relived fond memories of his win in 2015.



Hublot presented a wall clock to Navnit Motors which will hopefully find a place in the Ferrari showroom at BKC.




We all at some point in our lives we all have wondered how does Santa manage distributing gifts to children around the world in a single night. And we have also hoped secretly to be chosen as one of his helpers.

This year the TAG Heuer Ambassadors are chosen to help Santa do his special task, testing his ability to deliver the gifts on time. Testing not only whether or not will Santa crack under pressure but also the Ambassadors’ training skills, as well as the functionalities of Santa’s Official Watch, the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45.


TAG Heuer is also running an Unboxing Contest on Instagram.

Here’s how you participate.

Simply upload your TAG Heuer watch unboxing photo or video to Instagram with the hashtag #MyTAGHeuerGift from December 24th to January 24th, then validate your photo or video on our website for a chance to win an exceptional TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Red Edition, the Official Watch of Santa Claus!


Mmmmm Melorra

A connoisseur of the curated collection as well as a few Indian online jewllery websites I am not new to buying fine jewellery online.

While everyone starts with a bang many fizzle out on the journey and eventually turn into brick and mortar stores adding to their overheads which are collected from the consumers (I believe not many have given this a thought) and then the cost of jewellry goes up significantly. The same is usually explained as making charges or design costs. Making them akin to their traditional counterparts, however much they would love to deny this fact.

When I chanced upon I decided to give them a try. Not only were their prices much lower than any other brands in the market but their products too looked deliciously fresh.

The jewellery pieces are something I would love to flaunt on a daily basis, stylish, suave and totally chic. Also the use of semi precious gemstones is something that is trending in the Indian jewellery scenario currently, until now it was only the precious gemstones which ruled the jewellery designs making the jewllery both precious and heavy for daily wear. The whether-it-will-suit-me factor too played a major role as we Indians believe that certain gemstones (precious) are to be worn only after receiving a   prescription. the lesser semi precious gemstones however beautiful have no place in our fine jewellery.

Having said that, the quality of products is not the only key to success for most brands. The quality of people who work behind the scenes quietly making it happen for you is what matters too.

My encounter with Saroj Yaramilli over the telephone brought to mind an image of a woman who is dedicated to her business and takes great pride and responsibility of everything that goes on in her company.

For those of you who haven’t tried their jewellery I recommend you at least check out their website and you will be spoilt for choice from their vast catalogue comprising of various collections making them daringly different. Let’s see if you have the panache to carry a Melorra piece.










Bella Hadid doesn’t crack under pressure

“Model of the Year” December 2016, Bella Hadid a rising star in the world of fashion, has partnered with TAG Heuer.

This is not just an opportunity for the luxury Swiss watch brand to welcome a fresh, young face, but also for the model to collaborate on projects which relate directly to one of her favourite hobbies: photography.

At the venue the trendsetting fitness club Equinox Bond Street the pretty blue-eyed brunette confidently showed off her perfect body, right at home in the gym!

TAG Heuer’s #DontCrackUnderPressure tagline fits her perfectly.

CEO Jean-Claude Biver, also Chairman of the Watch Division of LVMH Group said: “I am delighted to welcome Bella into the family of TAG Heuer ambassadors. Having Bella on the team enables me to reconnect TAG Heuer with the Millennials and young generations, and also with the brand’s avant-garde spirit, the spirit which drives us to do things differently, to innovate and to dare. The TAG Heuer family has a real team spirit. We need someone like Bella to help us capture the bold and confident spirit of young people today. Thank you for joining us, Bella, welcome to the team!”



A Tribute to Muhammad Ali

Recently TAG Heuer paid tribute to Muhammad Ali by hosting a charity event.

It was attended by Lonnie Ali and several well-known personalities from the world of boxing including those who fought Ali, George Chuvalo, Earnie Shavers, and fighters who were inspired by him, Evander Holyfield, Roberto Durán and Julio César Chávez González.

The event was co-hosted by Paul “Magic Man” Malignaggi in the famous Gleason’s Gym in DUMBO, Brooklyn where Muhammad Ali trained in the presence of its Owner and Manager, Bruce Silverglade.



The Commemorative Timepiece

A commemorative unique timepiece made of gold was presented by The Muhammad Ali Center (Louisville, Kentucky), with a pair of Muhammad Ali-autographed boxing gloves, a commemorative medal, and certificates of authenticity, all stored in a custom studded leather case made in Switzerland for the occasion.

The unique timepiece, created by TAG Heuer, was inspired by the famous Ring-Master stopwatch introduced in 1957 and now on display in the TAG Heuer museum. The Ring-Master was equipped with 7 rings, each one featuring a different scale, including one for boxing.

The watch was auctioned with all proceeds going to The Muhammad Ali Center.

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”

Pikes Peak with TAG Heuer

This race is a legend in the mountains of Colorado. Its name? “The Race to the Clouds”. It always takes place without safety barriers.


19.99 kilometres, 156 bends, a climb of 1440 metres to an altitude of 4300 metres. It is the world’s last real #DontCrackUnderPressure race.


TAG Heuer – the official timekeeper for the greatest and most legendary events in motor racing history – couldn’t miss this occasion to celebrate the race’s centenary.


Colorado Springs, USA – 26th June 2016 – TAG Heuer celebrates the 100th anniversary of The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb as Official Timekeeper for the race, paying tribute to the magnificent performance of Romain Dumas, who finished the race in 8.51.445.


In 2016, more than 100 participants took part in the race, divided into 17 categories of cars, motorcycles, quads and trucks. The “Unlimited” category is always the most spectacular with its +1000-HP supercars.


Created in 1916 by Spencer Penrose, it is the only race in the world still worthy of the #DontCrackUnderPressure tagline.

Its breathtaking stats: the track measures 19.99 kilometres over 156 turns, climbing an impressive 1440 metres from the start line at Mile 7 (2862 m) to the finish at the summit at an altitude of 4300 metres.

It is one of the hardest races in the world – tough on the drivers and on their vehicles: the high altitudes slow down the driver’s reflexes, straining their brains and cramping their muscles, while the engines can lose up to 30% of their power.

The race has very few safety barriers. With almost no guard rails, the slightest miscalculation on a bend could send them plummeting into a ravine. And, at the track’s summit, this is some 600 metres.

The Pikes Peak has therefore become legendary for its spectacular crashes. An extreme race which has become legendary, an event in which TAG Heuer’s philosophy #DontCrackUnderPressure is particularly appropriate.

Hublot Creates Football History

Hublot the first luxury brand to invest in football creates Football History


In an event created exclusively by Hublot which is the Official Watch of the European Football Championships the Swiss watchmaker is bringing together two brand new teams for a historic match.

On the eve of the UEFA EURO 2016, just before the big kick-off of the European Football Championships for which Hublot is Official Watch,  A line-up that football has never seen, and that football fans have always dreamt of.

Pelé and Maradona together for Once in a Lifetime Match!


“We have all dreamt of an ideal team, of seeing some of our favourite players come together under the same colours. To see the two biggest rivals of all time team up in a legendary match, buzzing with the passion for football that drives us all, is a real privilege. This match is one of the “off the record” moments that I could have chosen as my favourite “EURO moment”. It is a match which says a lot about Hublot’s involvement and the ties it has woven over the past decade in the world of football, by teaming up with prestigious clubs, star trainers, magicians with the ball and the best leagues.” siad Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hubot


Hublot has chosen an iconic venue to host this prestigious event. Just a few metres from the Louvre, next to the “Colonnes de Buren” in the heart of the Palais Royal, two legendary teams will compete on this fresh turf. The players take the field, followed by Pelé and Maradona.


Recognised as the best players of all time, the two coaches shake hands before the kick-off. At half time, there is a penalty shoot-out for the UEFA Foundation, “UEFA Foundation for the children”.

After 30 minutes of a hard-fought game, Team Pelé – Ferdinand, Hierro, Dida, Crespo and Bebeto and Team Maradona – Trezeguet, Peruzzi, Ferrara, Materazzi and Seedorf, end up at equal scoring.

In this European Championship Year, HUBLOT reigns supreme.


Big Bang Unico Retrograde Chronograph UEFA EURO 2016™ The Official Watchshooting_euromoment_33

To symbolise its passion and commitment to football, Hublot has designed a watch to time matches. Designed especially for the world of football, the Big Bang Unico Retrograde Chronograph times the halves and added time, indicating the actual time, the elapsed time and current match period.

The Official Watch of UEFA EURO 2016™, it bears the colours of France – the host country of the 15th edition of the European Championships. All bedecked in red, white and blue, it comes in a 100-piece edition.



The 45 mm case of the Big Bang Unico and the Big Bang Bi-Retrograde Chronograph is equipped with a “One click” interchangeable system strap. Paying tribute to Europe’s top footballing nations, Hublot presents a limited series of straps bedecked in the official jerseys bearing the colours of England, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

Atanu – as I know him

People have called him hard working, intelligent, simple yet out of the box thinker, attentive, detailed, committed, focused, consistent and varied other things.

But for me he was that first guy on the job who kicked my ass and then held me when I stumbled. It was the quickest I learnt the discipline he puts in his work and his no-nonsense attitude totally bowled me over.

We worked together for a couple of years till I took a pregnant pause (literally) and later he moved on too. But we remain friends till date.

His interest in photography was latent while we were working together but I just saw the interest grow into a passion and he continued to better it at every click.

He grew up as a normal middle class kid in Barasat, near Calcutta, West Bengal, India and is today Creative Group Head, McCann World Group, New Delhi.

He is a self-taught photographer and his photography is influenced by three world renowned photographers: Ansal Adams, Steve McCurry and Raghu Rai.

He likes to photograph landscapes, people, monuments and candid moments.

He likes to respect heritage by glorifying historical monuments through his photography.

I have also seen him grow as a person and though he has a small tight circle of friends the circle is quite a fan following. Besides being a creative personality he is a quiet and extremely sensitive person. His shyness may come across as stand offish but for those who know him closely he is a genuine and helpful friend whom you can always depend on.

The picture he took of my husband and son is one of my most favorite and tells you so much about how he knows what emotions and moments to capture.

Here’s a glimpse of his work and world.

You can get in touch with him on if you want a personal portfolio done.


The Man himself