Atanu – as I know him

People have called him hard working, intelligent, simple yet out of the box thinker, attentive, detailed, committed, focused, consistent and varied other things.

But for me he was that first guy on the job who kicked my ass and then held me when I stumbled. It was the quickest I learnt the discipline he puts in his work and his no-nonsense attitude totally bowled me over.

We worked together for a couple of years till I took a pregnant pause (literally) and later he moved on too. But we remain friends till date.

His interest in photography was latent while we were working together but I just saw the interest grow into a passion and he continued to better it at every click.

He grew up as a normal middle class kid in Barasat, near Calcutta, West Bengal, India and is today Creative Group Head, McCann World Group, New Delhi.

He is a self-taught photographer and his photography is influenced by three world renowned photographers: Ansal Adams, Steve McCurry and Raghu Rai.

He likes to photograph landscapes, people, monuments and candid moments.

He likes to respect heritage by glorifying historical monuments through his photography.

I have also seen him grow as a person and though he has a small tight circle of friends the circle is quite a fan following. Besides being a creative personality he is a quiet and extremely sensitive person. His shyness may come across as stand offish but for those who know him closely he is a genuine and helpful friend whom you can always depend on.

The picture he took of my husband and son is one of my most favorite and tells you so much about how he knows what emotions and moments to capture.

Here’s a glimpse of his work and world.

You can get in touch with him on if you want a personal portfolio done.


The Man himself

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