We all doodle while in boring meetings, long one sided phone calls, while waiting for something.

Some of us have crazy messed up doodles, while others can get really creative with their doodles. There is a certain creativity even in chaos.

I present to you my mindless effortless work while I waited…………

3Design 1.3Design 1.4Design 1.5Design 1.7Design 1.8Design 1.9Design 1Design 2.1Design 2.2Design 2.3Design 2.4Design 2.5Design 2.6Design 2.8Design 2.9Design 2.10Design 2.11Design 2Design 3.1Design 3.2Design 3.3Design 3.4Design 3.5Design 3.6Design 4.1Design 4.2Design 6.1Design 6.2Design 6.3.Design 6.5Design 8Design 10 - Copy (2)Design 10 - CopyDesign 10Design 11 - Copy (2)Design 11 - CopyDesign 11Design 13Design 14Design 16Design 17Design 19Design 19copyDesign 20 - CopyDesign 20Design 22Design 23Design 24Design 25Design 26Design 27Design1.6

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