Art Deco at the Oval

I snoozed the alarm at least three times and the urge to lie in and laze on a Sunday morning when the entire household was sleeping was a temptation that was pulling me deep into the covers.

But then I remembered how I had missed this walk the week before and maybe the opportunity would never present itself again.

So I threw back those covers and pulled open the curtains to let the sun shine on my face.

I reached the decided starting point of the walk and when I reached the end of it and hour and half later I was so much more enriched in my knowledge about architecture and was visually fortified.

Sharing with you the pictures taken between me and Rachna Shetty  another enthusiast (and a better photographer and the only one with a camera)

If these picture astound you and make you wonder how did you miss such a great wealth of architectural prodigiousness, I suggest you get in touch with the organisation that made it possible for me to re-look at the structures that I would normally pass without being awed by their past and importance.



The beautiful Ivorine – french and classy


IMG_5084 - Copy

The windows that make you think of beautiful dressing tables


Oval View – a name so apt


Making the most of being a corner prime real estate – Shiv Shanti Bhuvan


Belvedere Court and a fountain frozen in concrete grill work


The most photographed building on the walk


Do not miss the vertical frozen fountain that also lights up the stairway naturally 


A crown – we were still shking off the Raj Era and were still mesmerised


Another colorful diagonal vertical panel that brought in natural light 


No this is not Goa – this is in Mumbai opposite the Oval Maidan, the very tropical Rajjab Mahal


A ship has just entered the harbor, this majestic Empress Court definitely courts attention


View of the courthouse captured aptly in the name but do not miss the recurring frozen fountain


The Era of elegant social evenings probably shut doors when Eros shut its doors but one cannot but stop and stare and wonder about its glorious past



South in India

Is that just a direction, a way to go or perhaps a way of saying things (things went south for him) and by being that does it become ominous?

So may interpretations to a word. To some it may seem nothing but a point on the roadway to others yet it may  mean the world. If you are a student the word probably has only geographical meaning.

But what if you ponder about the political aspects of the word and the nuances of how it is used in speech.

By the Global South reference it means the less developed region so by diplomatically  injecting the word are you being slightly racist?

According to the Greek mythology the south wind blew in the summer and autumn storms does that still indicate the various economic instabilities of the southern part of the globe.

In India all states below Maharashtra are ‘South’. So though there are multiple states with different culture, cuisines and languages everyone is clubbed into being a ‘South-Indian’ or ‘Southie’.

The tropical climate gives most of the southerners a swarthy complexion which has somehow made them less appealing to their Northern countrymen.

They are often the butt of ‘Southie’ jokes and attempts are often made to insult their intelligence. There is also a widespread fear that the ‘South Indians’ are after everyone’s jobs.

This form of racism within the country is as prevalent as any type of racism in any other part of the world.

The South Indian states are most literate (80%) and have higher national growth as compared to other parts of India.

They are also very proud about their heritage. A fact not many other parts of India can boast about.

Coming from various dynasties makes these people a proud lot and a colorful one too.

So maybe going south is not such a bad idea.