Get a portrait once in a lifetime

Vain or not everyone of us has this desire to see ourselves as the wold sees us.

“What is it that people see in me?” It is a question that has crossed our minds at least once in our lifetime or more importantly “How do they see me?”

Well I put my demons to rest on that one at a recent trip. It is but a well known fact that travel sets us free and I shed my inhibitions on this one.

So I stopped just admiring at the artistry of this quaint village and succumbed to getting a portrait.

I enjoyed all the attention to detail the artist had an eye for and admired his imaginative concept too.

The cherry on the cake of course was when he compared me to ‘Indira Gandhi’ when he found out about my origins.

And needless to say the lotus in my hair is symbolic to his imagination of my homeland.

The artist who did my portrait is Petrovic can be reached at

The other artist who did my son’s pencil sketch is Blanc and can be reached at


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